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Lease a small portion of your property.

Property wanted, your land,  rooftops, silos, churches, apartment buildings, boathouses, motels, hotels, utility buildings and other structures can often be just as desirable for a tower or servicing many types of communication antennas. New antennas now are only 6"x4" and require no tower. This is 2011 technology and will be making many tower sites a thing of the past.

Leasing a spot on your property will result in checks coming in on a regular basis to you, and the amounts vary depending on how many services share the site. WHEN YOUR CONTACTED AND OFFERED A CONTRACT PLEASE CALL US FOR ASSISTANCE.     SAMPLE LEASE AGREEMENT

There is a one time listing fee of $50.00.  Once you are contracted, your listing expires. You can renew your listing and continuing adding tenants' to your tower or property. Call us with any questions.    CLICK to LIST


Stealth Monopole designed to represent and blend in as a fir tree concealing cellular antennas

The peaked roof toward the back of this Southern California building isn't an architectural feature. It was added after the building was constructed and conceals an antenna system.




Stealth artificial rock designed to blend in concealing cellular antennas and wireless internet services.


A Flag Pole concealing cellular antennas, and no complaining neighbors.


A stealth silo antenna on a Midwestern horse farm.



The white steeple of this 160-year-old church now conceals a wireless communications antenna.



Pine Tree antenna tower in Asheville, NC. The curved branch shape conceals the panel antennae and all the necessary wiring and communications  hardware.


Wireless communications antennas disguised as cactuses in Phoenix, Arizona.

During installation, the antennas are placed in the hollow shell of the upper main trunk as well as in the cactus.